Darwin Diola

Affiliates: Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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PM is the Key: Perceived Stress and Mental Health as the Key Indicator of Wellbeing of Selected College Online Students in the Philippines During COVID-19 Pandemic

Espiritu, Edlyn Joy | Canillo, Gladys | Cantos, Raquel | Catamio, Jigo Rafael | Diola, Darwin | Duque, Emna | Pantaleon, Aldin | Distor, John Mark S.

Discipline: Education

A Correlational Study: Quality of Life and Mental Health of Psychology Students Amidst the Pandemic

Diola, Darwin | Distor, John Mark S. | Ballesteros, Bernadeth | Suni, Keno Alvir

Discipline: Education

A Positioning Theory Inquiry: A Fight Against Demonization of Community Pantries

Sasot , Christoper F. | Diola, Darwin | Ballesteros, Bernadeth | Eusantos, Leo | Hapin, Ann Maribel | Ramos, Billy Joel

Discipline: Education

Academic Challenges and Psychological Distress Among Selected College Students During the Pandemic

Diola, Darwin | Benedicto, Jan Rae | Boloyos, Erick | Capuno, Veronica | Lipang, Rica Mae | Mejia, Angela Marie | Valensoy, Hans Michael

Discipline: Education

Work Engagement and Organizational Commitment of Employees in Cavite, Philippines

Diola, Darwin | Distor, John Mark S. | Arcadio, Anderson Ray

Discipline: Education

Teachers’ Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Tertiary Education in Cavite, Philippines: A Correlational Study

Diola, Darwin | Arcadio, Anderson Ray | Obice, Junelle Christian

Discipline: Education

Literature Review on Risk-Need-Responsivity Model: Basis for Program Development in Bureau of Corrections

Cardiño, Henmar | Canillo, Gladys | Catamio, Jigo Rafael | Diola, Darwin | Pantaleon, Aldin | Eusantos, Leo | Hapin, Ann Maribel | Coroña, Ryan | Jose, Renato | Liquigan-Escarcha, Alma Sheilla | Del Rosario, Annabelle | Magos, Adeline | Abundo, Michelle Ann | Sario, Erwin | Valena, Leonida | Buan, Nenita

Discipline: Education