Cromwell M. Castillo

Affiliates: University of the Immaculate Conception

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Faculty Behavioral Intention to Adopt Web 2.0 Technologies: A Path Analysis

Castillo, Cromwell M.

Discipline: Education, Information Technology

Multi-sided Rotary Electronic Billboard

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Hernandez, Hermenegildo C. | Tapiz, Marivic O.

Discipline: Engineering

Power Consumption Reducer

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Iguana Ii, Ruthelio M. | Rivera, Jo Caliph G. | Siton, Jan-rey B.

Discipline: Engineering, Applied Sciences

Attendance Monitoring System for Laboratory Rooms 503 and 601

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Casas, Sheramil Faith B. | Ibanez, Mary Kenneth Joy I. | Pilongco, Jan Paulo C. | Sitoy, Mark John C.

Discipline: Engineering, Applied Sciences

Oxygen Flow Rate Controller for Home and Hospitals

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Beljeda, Efren Ceasar C. | Kempis Iii, Gregorio A. | Talbin, Rahman Keith M.

Discipline: Engineering

Anti-Traffic Violation Device

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Go, Rafael Carl O. | Diestro, Matt Fernan M. | Lastimoso, Alvin R.

Discipline: Engineering

Security on Doors and Windows with Alarm System using GSM

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Lucena, Eric Paul N. | Bentulan, Marlon A. | Felipe, Cristyl G. | Buog, Elizar J.

Discipline: Engineering

Biometric Door Lock System With Alcohol Detector

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Espera, Luhilda Gin M. | Guanzon, Wendy Faith L. | Regulacion, Marvin B.

Discipline: Engineering

Environmental engineering, Republic Act 9003, liquid waste disposal provision, knowledge, awareness, compliance, descriptive, correlation, Philippines

Castillo, Cromwell M. | Rosel, Hanah Jane R. | Resada, Terence Jay M. | Alonsagay, Kenler S.


Castillo, Cromwell M. | Albos, Marc M. | Ferrer, Aries Othniel B. | Pasola, Arn Derick T. | Singcol, Krisitan Vincent O.


Castillo, Cromwell M. | Batad, Mark Lorenz O. | Escartin, Giovanni J. | Buenaflor, Christianne Rey C. | Son, Adrian Rey P.