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The Role of Teacher Efficacy and Characteristics on Teaching Effectiveness, Performance, and Use of Learner-Centered Practices

Magno, Carlo | Sembrano, Josefina

Discipline: Education Administration

Investigating the Effect of School Ability on Self-efficacy, Learning Approaches, and Metacognition

Magno, Carlo

Discipline: Education, Learning

Looking at Filipino Pre-service Teachers' Value for Education through Epistemological Beliefs about Learning and Asian Values

Magno, Carlo

Discipline: Education, Philosophy

Considerations of Power, Effect Size, and Sample Size in the Planning and Analyses of Studies

Magno, Carlo | Reyes, Melissa Lopez

Discipline: Psychology

Self-Regulation, Self-Efficacy, Metacognition, and Achievement Goals in High School and College Adolescents

Magno, Carlo | Lajom, Jennifer Ann

Discipline: Psychology

Factors Involved in the Use of Language Learning Strategies and Oral Proficiency among Taiwanese Students in Taiwan and in the Philippines

Magno, Carlo | De Carvalho Filho, Moisés Kirk | Lajom, Jennifer Ann

Discipline: Education, Languages

Parental Involvement in Children’s Assessment in Kindergarten

Magno, Carlo | Orillosa, Joyce Ferro

Discipline: Education

A Guide in Assessing Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performance/Product (KPUP)

Magno, Carlo | Lizada, Gabriel Sebastian

Features of Classroom Formative Assessment

Magno, Carlo | Lizada, Gabriel Sebastian

Meaning in Life, Flow, and Subjective Well-Being: A perspective on Filipino High School Students

Magno, Carlo | Galang, Mary Jane A. | Paterno, Victoria C. | Roldan, Amalia E.

Gratitude and Achievement Emotions

Magno, Carlo | Orillosa, Joyce Ferro

Assessment Schemes in the Senior High School in the Philippine Basic Education

Magno, Carlo | Piosang, Tristan

Discipline: Education