vol. 2, no. 1 (2009)
The Trinitian Student Researcher


The Trinitian Student Researcher is published once a year by the University Research and Development Center (URDC), Trinity University of Asia.

Publisher: Trinity University of Asia

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Category: Multidisciplinary | Education & Educational Research |

ISSN 2945-4727 (Online)

ISSN 2012-3124 (Print)

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Lived Experiences of Hotel Housekeepers

Ralph Benedict E. Macias | Michelle A. Tapang

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management

Probing the Lived Experiences of Fast Food Managers

Mark Louie S. Cereno | Pamela C. Vega | Kristofer Reymond V. Pascual

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management

Student Nurses’ Difficulties and Adaptive Behaviors During Clinical Rotations

Dea Rose E. Gotel | Harmonette G. Hernando | Joshua John D. Gaor | Charles B. Ignacio | Ricardo B. Ignacio | Andres V G. Ilagan

Discipline: Nursing

Wowowee: A Tourist Attraction

Karen Mamaclay | Arra Adorador | Ana Rea Berlandino | Carmela Ann Rubiano

Discipline: Mass Communication, Media

Identifying Social Realism in Selected Films

Ivee Joice Gordo | Joanne Karganilla | Ma. Niña Angelica Lazaro | Louie Macariola | Karl Thomas Rosello

Discipline: Mass Communication, Film

The Developmental Growth of the Preschoolers of COPE

Jordan Nycol Asis | Kosmos Giga Briones | Rachelle Gordoncillo | Michelle Rabonsa | Marmie Santos

Discipline: Early Childhood Education

The Effects of Electronic Mail and Chatting on Familial Relationships as Perceived by Selected College Students of Trinity University of Asia

Raphael Vincent Bosano | Kristina Corazon Santos | Ellyne Gabrielle Alvarez | Joshua Israel Balgos | Maribeth Flores

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Media

Dive Tourism in Mabini, Batangas

Carl Andrew Dela Cruz Sapno | Roxanne B. Mendros

Discipline: Tourism

Motivation for Blogging Among Selected Students of Trinity University of Asia

Rolita Quizon-go | Carlo David | Dianne Estalilla | Lyra Chan | Camille Renacia

Discipline: Media