vol. 1, no. 2 (2010)
The Lamp


The Lamp is the official Nursing Research Journal of Arellano University College of Nursing. It is published annually by the AU Research and Publications Department. It features not only results of Institutional and Action Researches undertaken by the faculty and students of the university, but likewise other research related articles and editorial.

Publisher: Arellano University

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A New and Easy Way of Understanding Research

Editha A. Lupdag-Padama

Discipline: Education

Clinical Nurse Educators’ (CNEs) Perceptions of Technology Integration in Teaching Activities at Riverside Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Lawrence Christopher F. Castro

Discipline: Education, Nursing

The Effect of Therapeutic Communication on Patients with Hypertension An Institutional Research

Mercedes C. Gamayon

Discipline: Nursing, Medicine

Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Performance

Elizabeth Desano Rose

Discipline: Psychology

Correlates of Life Satisfaction and Work Values of Level 4 Faculty Members of AUCN An Action Research

Roberto C. Sombillo | Leonardo M. Nuestro

Discipline: Psychology, Humanities

Anxiety Levels among Relatives of Patients undergoing Computed Tomography Scan Receiving Standard Care and Audio-Video Comedy Clip in A Tertiary Hospital in Metro Manila Students’ Research Output

Ronald Bumagat Jr. | Dianne Lara G. Cristobal | Rhoxette P. Dapitan | Kathleen F. Fajilagmago | Patricia Lou M. Mercado | Michael R. Uy | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Psychology, Medicine

Related Learning Experience Evaluation and Learning Outcomes of Level III Nursing Students at AFP Medical Center S.Y. 2009-2010 Students’ Research Output

Jude Mikhail M. Sadang | Katherine C. Sadsad | Dana Alyssa C. Shammas | Ralph Christopher D. Suiza | Jay Jayson M. Sumayao | Antonio Gabriel T. Tabirao | Anna Leah M. Torres | Connie G. Valdez | Anne Marie O. Zacarias | John Kenny Vher H. Cura | Armel B. Gonzalez

Discipline: Education

Perceived Effectiveness of Teaching Strategies in NCM 101 Lecture for BSN III Nursing Students of Arellano University-Legarda Students’ Research Output

Carmel Angela P. Buado | Myra M. Ambrocio | Lovely Eden O. Antonio | Mark Dennis M. Arellano | David John B. Arriola | Miguel Roberto B. Bantog | Jay D. Bello | Rio L. Benemerito | Marilyn C. Bueno | Janelle B. Bugarin | Maria Monica F. Buhay | Mercedes C. Gamayon

Discipline: Education

Perception and Behaviour of Married Women towards Pap Smear Procedure in Barangay 458 Sulukan St., Sampaloc, Manila Students’ Research Output

Liza B. Perez | Rodelyn C. Salvilla | Ellaine R. Lusoc | Cynthia F. Orodio | Shiela Rose C. Ellaine Chua | Eirene Grace L. Manzano | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Psychology, Medicine

Level of Compliance on Rules and Regulations in Community Immersion of BSN III students of Arellano University, Manila Student’s Research Output

Reyziel Z. Sopot | Eissette P. Ragay | Dean Arhistotle C. Ramos | Rochelle Ann B. Reyes | Eugene B. Salvador | Jaelyn Elna R. San Diego | Vanessa V. Villa | Marla Gayle C. Zamodio | Jonnalyn P. Zulueta | Armel B. Gonzalez

Discipline: Nursing