vol. 21, no. 2 (2012)
The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher


The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher is indexed and abstracted in the Social Sciences Citation Index, Social Scisearch, and Journal Citation Reports/Social Science Edition. The journal is listed in the Thomson ISI and Elsevier SCOPUS. It is an international refereed journal of original research in education, published triannually by the Academic Publications Office, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines. It aims principally to provide a venue for the publication of empirical and theoretical studies in education, with emphasis on the experiences of successful educational systems in the Asia-Pacific Region and of the national educational systems therein that are presently underrepresented in the research literature. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher is indexed by Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) and with an Impact Factor of 0.632 in the 2010 Journal Citation Reports/Social Science Edition.

Publisher: De La Salle University

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Category: Education & Educational Research |

ISSN 2243-7908 (Online)

ISSN 0119-5646 (Print)

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Students’ Domain-Specific Scientific Epistemological Beliefs: A Comparison between Biology and Physics

Silvia Wen-yu Lee | Chin-chung Tsai

Discipline: Education

Relational Analysis of Intrinsic Motivation, Achievement Goals, Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement for Hong Kong Secondary Students

Kwok-wai Chan | Angel Kit-yi Wong | Eric Siu-chung Lo

Discipline: Education

Gender Differences in College Students’ Behaviors in an Online Question-answer Discussion Activity

Shan-shan Cheng | Eric Zhi-feng Liu | Nian-shing Chen | Ru-chu Shih | Chiung-sui Chang

Discipline: Education, Social Science

The Pains of Becoming Trilingual in China: An Ethnographic Case Study of a Naxi College Student

Wang Ge | Linda Tsung | Ki Wing-wah

Discipline: Social Science

Facilitating the Revision of Whole Language in EFL Contexts through the Inquiry Cycle

Hui-chin Yeh | Shih-hsien Yang

Discipline: Education

Actualizing Critical English Language Teaching: A Classroom Experience in the Philippines

Paolo Nino Valdez

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Lessons Learned From Piloting a Treatment Decoding Program with a Young Malay Student with Dyslexia

Lay Wah Lee | Meng Chee Yeap | Hui Min Low

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Does Text Readability Matter? A Study of Paraphrasing and Plagiarism in English as a Foreign Language Writing Context

Yu-chih Sun

Discipline: Education

Why Do They Want to Become Teachers? A Study on Prospective Teachers’ Motivation to Teach in Hong Kong

Bick Har Lam

Discipline: Education

Still Seeking for an “Iron Bowl”? Pre-service Teachers’ Journeys of Career Choice in Taiwan

I-fang Chung | Yi-cheng Huang

Discipline: Education

Investigating Teachers’ Pedagogical Beliefs in Indonesia and Australia

Bill D. Atweh | Abadi Abadi

Discipline: Education

Exploring A Personal Knowledge Management Model of Pre-Service Teachers for Effective Learning

Eric C. K. Cheng

Discipline: Education

Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Variables

Nihat Boz

Discipline: Education

The General and Domain-Specific Epistemological Beliefs of Korean Pre-service Mathematics Teachers

Jungsoon Choi | Na Young Kwon

Discipline: Education

Towards the Embodiment of Competency Standards: Incorporating the Elements of Lesson Study in the Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher Education in the Philippines

Levi Esteban Elipane

Discipline: Education

Missing Conceptions of Assessment: Qualitative Studies with Hong Kong Curriculum Leaders

Sammy King Fai Hui

Discipline: Education

Multiple Perspectives on Desirable Characteristics of Science Teachers for Educational Reform

Khajornsak Buaraphan

Discipline: Education

Education and Career Aspirations Among Chinese High School Students: Validation of the Career Aspiration Scale

Sandra Cheng | Mantak Yuen

Discipline: Education

Assessing the Construct Validity of the Conception of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (CTLQ) for Chinese University Students in Hong Kong: Going Beyond the Use of Goodness of Fit Indices

Angel Kit-yi Wong | Eric Siu-chung Lo

Discipline: Education

The Teacher Efficacy Scale: A Reliability and Validity Study

Youyan Nie

Discipline: Education