vol. 21, no. 1 (2012)
The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher


The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher is indexed and abstracted in the Social Sciences Citation Index, Social Scisearch, and Journal Citation Reports/Social Science Edition. The journal is listed in the Thomson ISI and Elsevier SCOPUS. It is an international refereed journal of original research in education, published triannually by the Academic Publications Office, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines. It aims principally to provide a venue for the publication of empirical and theoretical studies in education, with emphasis on the experiences of successful educational systems in the Asia-Pacific Region and of the national educational systems therein that are presently underrepresented in the research literature. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher is indexed by Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) and with an Impact Factor of 0.632 in the 2010 Journal Citation Reports/Social Science Edition.

Publisher: De La Salle University

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Category: Education & Educational Research |

ISSN 2243-7908 (Online)

ISSN 0119-5646 (Print)

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Front Matter

Editorial Board

Special Section on Learning Sciences in the Asia-Pacific Countries

Editorial: Learning Sciences Research in the Asia Pacific Countries

Cher-ping Lim | Seng-chee Tan

Discipline: Education

Learning Sciences Research in Asia Pacific Countries from 1997 to 2010: A Content Analysis of Publications in Selected Journals

Ching Sing Chai | Chin-chung Tsai | Cher-ping Lim | Chiou-hui Chou | Seng-chee Tan

Discipline: Education

A Collaborative Professional Development Model for Rapid Collaborative Knowledge Improvement in Singapore Schools

Yanjie Song | Wenli Chen | Chee-kit Looi

Discipline: Education

Design-based Research: Understanding its Application in a Teacher Professional Development Study in Indonesia

Eunice Sari | Cher-ping Lim

Discipline: Education

A Learning Journey in Problem-based Learning in a Physics Classroom

Hyeoncheol Kim | Seng-chee Tan | Yew-jin Lee

Discipline: Education

Collaborative Mobile Learning in Situ from Knowledge Building Perspectives

Hyo-jeong So | Esther Consuelo C. Tan

Discipline: Education

Locality-Based Science Education in Sociocultural Approach: ‘Scientific Exploration in Culture’ in the Context of Korea

Sungmin Im | Sung-jae Pak

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Facilitating Third Graders’ Acquisition of Scientific Concepts through Digital Game-Based Learning: The Effects of Self-Explanation Principles

Chung-yuan Hsu | Chin-chung Tsai | Hung-yuan Wang

Discipline: Education

Exploring the Structure of Science Self-efficacy: A Model Built on High School Students’ Conceptions of Learning and Approaches to Learning in Science

Chiou-hui Chou | Jyh-chong Liang

Discipline: Education

The Interaction between Junior-High Students’ Academic and Social Motivations and the Influences of the Motivational Factors on Science Performance

Fang-ying Yang | Ju-shi Tseng | Mei-hsing Lin

Discipline: Education, Sociology

Web-Based Assessment with Number Right Elimination Testing (NRET) Scoring for Multiple-Choice Items

Sie-hoe Lau | Kian-sam Hong | Ngee-kiong Lau | Hasbee Usop

Discipline: Education

Multi-Method, Multi-Theoretical, Multi-Level Research in the Learning Sciences

Kenneth Tobin | Stephen M. Ritchie

Discipline: Education