Maria Victoria U. Sy


Affiliates: University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines

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Quality of Work Life Practices in a Multinational Company in Sydney, Australia

Ouppara, Nipa S. | Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Social Science

Trimestral Scheme of the Regular Graduate Programs Implemented in an Institution of Higher Learning

Sy, Maria Victoria U. | Castillo, Annie S.

Discipline: Education

Corporate Citizenship and Governance Practices in Holy Name University, Bohol, Philippines

Golosino, Ernesto O. | Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Business, Governance

Sustainability of a Community Service Project of a Catholic University

Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Psychology, Governance

Effectiveness of Practicum Program for Business and Management Courses

Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Education Administration

Organizational Communication Practices of a Multinational Company

Sy, Maria Victoria U. | Jaradat, Yazan M.

Motivations for Green Business in Attaining Corporate Sustainability

Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Knowledge Management and Business Continuity Practices of the Central Bank of the Philippines

Sy, Maria Victoria U. | Resurreccion, Josefina L.

Discipline: Business, Management

Relevance and Sustainability of “Project Pakigdait sa Sitio Kasagingan, Mananga” of the University of San Jose-Recoletos

Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Education

Environmentally-Directed Organizational Citizenship Behavior of the Municipal Government Officials in Cebu

Sy, Maria Victoria U. | Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Asis-dimpas, Gelena

Discipline: Environmental Conservation