Article List (w/ Governance Discipline)

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Assessment of Solid Waste Management Program in the Poblacion Area of Panabo City

Sangalang, Ruth B.

Discipline: Governance

Voices Echoing the Plight of the Rural Poor: The Second Mindanao Rural Congress

Aga, Nelia B. | Mejica, Danilo L.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

Community-Based E-Governance: An Operations Research of Barangay 637, Zone 65, Sampaloc, Manila

Mungcal, Andrew L.

Discipline: Governance

Corporate Citizenship and Governance Practices in Holy Name University, Bohol, Philippines

Golosino, Ernesto O. | Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Business, Governance

Role of a Local Government of Cebu in Attracting and Maintaining Investments in Central Philippines

Yap, Ernesto Go

Discipline: Business, Governance

E-Governance: Rethinking Public Administration in the Philippines

Fojas, Francisco R. | Fulgar, Ildefonso R.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

Local Governance of Devolved Hospital Services: The Bukidnon Model

Sumbalan, Antonio T.

Discipline: Governance

Moro Autonomy and the Sabah Issue: Problems and Challenges in Mindanao

Magdalena, Federico V.

Discipline: Governance

Internal Audit in the Federal Government Organizations of Malaysia: The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly?

Aliño, Azham Md | Saidin, Siti Zabedah | Sahdan, Hadafi | Rasit, Hadzrami Harun | Rahim, Syahrir

Discipline: Governance

The Role and Impact of Network Governance in the Philippine Political Economy

Bautista, Teodoro Lloydon C.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

Sustainability of a Community Service Project of a Catholic University

Sy, Maria Victoria U.

Discipline: Psychology, Governance

Mitigating Flood Losses: An Introduction to Implementing a Basin-wide Approach Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Tongco, Alejandro F.

Discipline: Governance

Empowerment and Quality of Life of Local Migrant Workers in an Urban Community

Japos, Genaro V. | Neri, Donna Lou E.

Discipline: Genetic Engineering, Governance

Dominant Logic and Quantum Leadership: How both Relate to Entrepreneurial Aptitude among Business and Non-Business Students

Simbulan, Michelle G.

Discipline: Business, Governance

Practicum Performance in Singapore and the Philippines of Hospitality Students in a State University

Arroyo, Rubie Andoy

Discipline: Education Administration, Governance

Interactive Courseware for Preschoolers

Ponte, Andrew P. | Agno, Aurora Cindy G.

Discipline: Education Administration, Governance

Compliance with Corporate Governance Mechanisms among Rural Banks

Lerin, Mariano M.

Discipline: Governance, Finance

The Safer River Life Saver Projects of Liceo de Cagayan University: Their Impact on the Cagayan de Oro River

Huerbana, Rosalina S.

Discipline: Governance

Mitigating Measures and Level of Preparedness against Risks and Disasters among Local Government Units

Mahilum, Jofi Valdehueza

Discipline: Governance

Clogged and Reeking Creek: Who Is to Blame?

Juarez, Casimiro B. | Aves, Luvismin S. | Aves, Salvador A.

Discipline: Governance, Society

Household and Barangay Incomes in Two Rural Communities of Northern Mindanao: Some Preliminary Notes

Paurom, Ferdinand C.

Discipline: Governance, Community Development

Community Drugstore (Botika ng Barangay): Its Contribution to Family Living Standards

Palompon, Daisy | Cempron, Jezyl T. | Corvera, Esperidion B. | Ong, Marylou B. | AMPARADO, MAURO ALLAN P.

Discipline: Governance

Identity Politics and the Struggle for Peace in Mindanao

Tiu, Macario D.

Discipline: Governance

Information and Education Campaign on Solid Waste Management and Household Practices

Herrera, Fernando T. | Boyles, Lilia Z. | Miculob, Ian

Discipline: Governance, Society

Extent of Implementation of the National Service Training Program – Civic Welfare Training Service on Student Development in Davao Doctors College

Yap, Jose Jorge C. | Pil, Gerard S.

Discipline: Education, Governance

The Development and Acceptability of Automated Issuance of Barangay Clearance

Tamayo, Josan D. | Vicente, Clarissa P. | Malang, Bernandino P. | Reyes, Ma. Pinky V. | Tanig, Carmelita O.

Discipline: Governance


Estrada, Grace Santa D.

Discipline: Governance

Poverty Mapping In Davao City

Villafuerte-singon, Ivy

Discipline: Developmental Studies, Governance

Organizational Culture and Management Effectiveness of Local Government Units

Guhao Jr., Eugenio

Discipline: Governance

Police Recruitment: A Closer Look

Nabe, Nestor

Discipline: Governance

Voters’ Participation to the Election Activities in Urban Communities in Ozamiz City, Philippines

Bocar, Anna C.

Discipline: Political Science, Governance

A Creative Online Interactive and Guerrilla Advertising Campaign for Paulinian Engagement in the 2010 National Elections

Delima, Michael Jerome | Rivo, Christine Dorothy | Sarmiento, Maria Cornelia

Discipline: Governance, Media

Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Livelihood Program Participants on Establishing and Sustaining Community Driven Enterprises

Tañedo, Donards Kim Abracia

Discipline: Economics, Governance

Governance Practices and Problems of Community Officials in the First Congressional District of Bohol

Ticong, Frederico B.

Discipline: Governance

Offenders’ Profile and Crime Incidence in Buenavista, Guimaras, Philippines

Pillora, Kert D.

Discipline: Law, Governance

Women’s Political Participation in the Province of Batangas

Tamayo, Ma. Rosario B.

Discipline: Governance, Gender Studies

Internal Audit in the Federal Government Organizations of Malaysia: The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly?

Saidin, Siti Zabedah | Sahdan, Hadafi | Rasit, Hadzrami Harun | Rahim, Syahrir | Gloeck, J Dieter | Ali, Azham M.

Discipline: Governance

Proficiency of Personnel: Key to Effective and Efficient Procurement

Tayo, Razel P.

Discipline: Governance, Sociology

Towards an Effective Population Management: A Proposal for National Development

Calaguas, Theodore U.

Discipline: Governance

Alternative Approach to Local Economic Development: A Case for Fiscal Decentralization Through A Localized Public-Private Partnership

Bautista, Lloyd

Discipline: Economics, Governance

Evidence-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management: CBMS for Local Level DRRM?

Fajardo, Juan Paulo M.

Discipline: Governance, Management

The Principal-Agent Problem: Rationalizing the Utilization of the 20% Internal Revenue Allotment for Socio-Development in LGUs

Bautista, Teodoro Lloydon C.

Discipline: Governance, Social Studies

University-Based Disaster Risk Management (UBDRM) for De La Salle Araneta University

Salva, Abigail | Banaguas, Glenn S.

Discipline: Education, Governance

Community Resilience During Typhoon Ondoy: The Case of Ateneoville

De Guzman, Judith M. | Adviento, Maria Luisa G.

Discipline: Psychology, Governance

King Gaam, the Last Monarch of Agbonan (now San Isidro), Bohol, in the Early 19th Century

Romanillos, Emmanuel Luis A.

Discipline: Governance, Philippine History

President Sergio Osmeña in Tacloban, Leyte, 1944–1945

Amascual Iii, Pablo U.

Discipline: Governance, Philippine History

Role of Nongovernment Organizations in Democratizing Development: A Look at the Philippine Case

Lamberte, Exaltacion E.

Discipline: Development, Governance, Social Studies

A Proposed Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Calapan City, Calapan Oriental Mindoro for CY 2007-2012

Chavez, Edgar M.

Discipline: Social Science, Geology, Governance

Financial Liberalization and Reform of Japan’s Ministry of Finance: Implications for Japanese Developmental State

Trinidad, Dennis

Discipline: Governance