Oliva P. Canencia

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Affiliates: Center for Research in Policy Studies, Education and Socio-Economics Mindanao University of Science of Technology Philippines

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Gender and Development (GAD) Programs of Selected Local Communities in Mindanao Philippines

Sumanpan, Victoria O. | Canencia, Oliva P.

Discipline: Social Science

Predictors of Smoking among Students in Public and Private Secondary Schools

Canencia, Oliva P. | Palmes, Nenita D. | Ibonia, Socorro M.

Discipline: Health, Social Studies

Exploring the Disaster Management of Teachers and Pupils in Iligan City, Philippines

Canencia, Oliva P. | Napere Jr., Roberto

Discipline: Ecology

The Monitoring and Evaluation Tool of the Department of Education

Canencia, Oliva P. | Salvador, Jose E.

Discipline: Education

A Comprehensive Analysis on the Dynamics of Biodiversity and Bitan-ag Creek Watershed Interactions: Ecosystem Approach for Rehabilitation

Canencia, Oliva P. | Lituañas, Chris Rey M. | Ansigbat, Vicenta V. | Ascaño Ii, Cordulo P. | Tulang, Rogel O. | Yañez, Sheryl S.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Welfare Benefits and Working Conditions of Teachers in the Schools Division in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Canencia, Oliva P. | Dadulo, Evangeline P.

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Mining Industry in Northern Mindanao: Its Environmental, Social and Health Impact Toward Responsible Mining

Canencia, Oliva P. | Palmes, Nenita D. | Ibonia, Socorro M. | Yañez, Sheryl S. | Talampas, Wendell D. | Lammawin, Venus A. | Kawaling, Gilliane F. | Salvaña , Mary Jean

Carbon Sequestration Potentials for Agro-forestry System and Grasslands in Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro Landscape

Canencia, Oliva P. | Ansigbat, Vicenta V. | Tulang, Rogel O. | Palma, Richmund A. | Lacang, Gina | Osio, Arnulfo | Enguito, Ronela | Tamang , Remedios | Arnejo, Bernard