Ching Sing Chai

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Measuring Singaporean students’ perception of self-regulated and collaborative learning in the context of technology oriented education

Chai, Ching Sing | Foo, James | Vi, Narayananayar

Discipline: Education

Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Conception for Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (CTLQ)

Chai, Ching Sing | Teo, Timothy

Discipline: Education, Learning

Singaporean and Taiwanese Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs and their Attitude Towards ICT Use: A Comparative Study

Chai, Ching Sing | Teo, Timothy | Hong, Huang-yao

Discipline: Education Development

Asian Personal Epistemologies and Beyond: Overview and Some Reflections

Punzalan, Eric R. | Chai, Ching Sing | Wong, Benjamin

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture

Modelling the Relationships among Beliefs about Learning, Knowledge, and Teaching of Pre-Service Teachers in Singapore

Chai, Ching Sing | Teo, Timothy | Lee, Chwee Beng

Discipline: Education

South China Education Majors' Epistemological Beliefs and their Conceptions of the Nature of Science

Chai, Ching Sing | Wong, Benjamin | Deng, Feng | Qian, Yangyi

Discipline: Education, Philosophy

The Relationships among Singaporean Preservice Teachers’ ICT Competencies, Pedagogical Beliefs and their Beliefs on the Espoused Use of ICT

Chai, Ching Sing

Discipline: Education, Information Technology

Constructivist-oriented Data-logging Activities in Chinese Chemistry Classroom: Enhancing Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Their Metacognition

Chai, Ching Sing | Deng, Feng | Chen, Wenli

Discipline: Education, Learning Environment

Exploring the Factor Structure of the Constructs of Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Chai, Ching Sing | Tsai, Chin-chung | Ling Koh, Joyce Hwee

Discipline: Education

Learning Sciences Research in Asia Pacific Countries from 1997 to 2010: A Content Analysis of Publications in Selected Journals

Chai, Ching Sing | Tsai, Chin-chung | Chou, Chiou-hui | Tan, Seng-chee | Lim, Cher-ping

Discipline: Education

A Comparative Study of Taiwan, Singapore, and China Preservice Teachers’ Epistemic Beliefs

Chai, Ching Sing | Lee, Min-hsien | Tsai, Chin-chung

Discipline: Education, Philosophy

A Cross-Cultural Validation of the Epistemic Belief Inventory (EBI)

Chai, Ching Sing | Teo, Timothy

Discipline: Education, Philosophy