Article List (w/ Socioeconomics Discipline)

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Measuring Poverty and Socio-Economic Deprivation Inequalities in India at Sub-National Level

Roy, Kajari | Haldar, Sushil K.

Discipline: Economics, Socioeconomics

Traditional Practices of Homemakers Using Indigenous Materials for Economic Living in Ilocos Sur

Ursulom, Florida U. | CALVERO, AURORA F. | Verzosa, Angelina Q.

Discipline: Business, Socioeconomics

Rainforestation Project in the Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park: Socioeconomic Effects a Year Hence

Ponce, Sulpecia L. | Bracamonte, Nimfa L. | Roxas, Alita T.

Discipline: Economics, Environmental Science, Sociology, Socioeconomics

Economics of hybrid rice

Ahmed, M I. | Janaiah, A.

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Impact of hybrid rice on India’s food economy: implications and policy issues

Ahmed, M I. | Krishnaiah, K. | Janaiah, A.

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Economics of commercial hybrid rice cultivation

Radhakrishna, R M. | Lingaraju, S | Gangadhariah, S. | Honnaiah, *

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Are urban poverty and undernutrition growing? Some newly assembled evidence

L, Haddad | Mt, Ruel | Jl., Garrett

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Differences in Farmer Performance in Two Rice-Growing Areas

Wijeratne, M | De Silva, W. N.

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

The Occurrence of Bunt of Rice in Bangladesh

Hossain, I. | Rahman, M. Z. | Fakir, G. A.

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Postharvest technology of rice: role of farm women in storing grains

Budhar, M.n. | Sumathi, P.

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Extension service and rice yield gap in Nigeria, 1980-2002

Oladele, O.i.

Discipline: Agriculture, Socioeconomics

Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile, Biophysical Factors and Support Services to the Level of Adoption of the Smallholder Dairy Cattle Farmers in the Philippines

Bautista, Jose Arceo N. | Robles, Alberto Y. | Perez, Joel A. | Velasco, Noe B. | Galang, Myrna S.

Discipline: Agriculture, Agribusiness, Socioeconomics

Socio-Economic Impact of Commuters’ Experiences and Possible Jeepney Ergonomic Redesign

Lucero, Elnora T.

Discipline: Economics, Socioeconomics

Migration and Urbanization in the Spatial Development of the City of Manila During Spanish Colonization for Future City Planning Guidelines

Chavez, Edgar M.

Discipline: Socioeconomics

Internal Management Control (IMC) System for a Non-Profit Organization Managed by Visually Impaired Individuals

Abel, Antonio S.

Discipline: Management, Socioeconomics