Article List (w/ Environmental Science Discipline)

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Monitoring of Water Samples from Kulaman and Tinanan Rivers and Baseline Profile of their Confluence

Villabeto, Simonette C.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Screening of Antibiotic-Producing Actinomycetes from Marine, Brackish and Terrestrial Sediments of Samal Island, Philippines

Parungao, Marilen M. | Maceda, Ebner Bon G. | Villano, Maria Angelica F.

Discipline: Environmental Science

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry and Analytical Profiling Index Characterization of Airborne Staphylococci

Torres, Oscar | Yeung, Clarisse | Montalban, Bryan | Jainhuknan, Jaran | Jaratrungtawee, Amornmart

Discipline: Environmental Science

Global Predictors of People’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

Neri, Donna Lou E.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Environmental Science, Sociology

Awareness on Climate Change and Compliance with the Code of Practice for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Bajet Jr., Manuel A.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Changing Urban Landscape and Its Implications in Environmental Management: The Case of Calamba City, Philippines

Bagarinao, Ricardo T.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Environmental Science

Heavy Metals in the Water Column of Iloilo-Guimaras Jetty Port (Parola Wharf )

Sarinas, Brian Gil S. | Gellada, Lorna D. | Magramo, Melchor M. | Terunez, Marlon | Inocencio, Giancarlo M. | Duero, Cylin Ed S. | Segunla, Greg S. | Cleofas, Felix Kevin J.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Earth Science, Environmental Science

The Development of a Modified Alkali Catalyzed Transesterification Reactor for Low Carbon Economy

Banaguas, Glenn S. | Baccay, Jeric Anthony | Chua, Alex | Uy, Darren | Aranillo, Vaugn Colette | Diamzon, Ivor

Discipline: Chemistry, Environmental Science

Low Carbon Building: A Greener Future

Banaguas, Glenn S. | Cabrera, Michelle S. | Villar, Sienna | Zerrudo, Juzzaine

Discipline: Chemistry, Environmental Science

Analysis of the Effects of Plastic on the Tensile Strength of Concrete

Baraoidan, Wilheliza A. | Uy, Marylou M.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Environmental Aesthetics: Must Moral Issues Always Override Aesthetic Considerations?

Hoe, Lok Chong

Discipline: Philosophy, Environmental Science

Determinants of Economic Dependency on Garbage: The Case of Payatas, Philippines

Sia Su, Glenn L.

Discipline: Biology, Social Science, Environmental Science

Rainforestation Project in the Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park: Socioeconomic Effects a Year Hence

Ponce, Sulpecia L. | Bracamonte, Nimfa L. | Roxas, Alita T.

Discipline: Economics, Environmental Science, Sociology, Socioeconomics

Environmental Sustainability Metrics for a Nickel Smelter

Espenido, Mercurio I.

Discipline: Engineering, Environmental Science

Carbon Sequestration of Selected C4 Plants on Isabela, Philippines

Guingab, Ma. Visitacion D.

Discipline: Biology, Environmental Science

Bird Diversity in the Pinacanauan De San Pablo Watershed

Taggueg, Jouel B.

Discipline: Environmental Science, Bio-Diversity

Fractal Analysis Of Global Fresh Water Use

Salazar, Randy K. | Petralba, Josephine E.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Geographic Information System-Based Suitability Analysis for Potential Shallow Tube-Well Irrigation Development

Agcaoili, Shirly O.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Field Burning of Crop Residues in the Philippines: 1990-2015

Patricio, Jose Hermis

Discipline: Environmental Science

Assessment of Termite Infestation in Academic Infrastructure - Environmental Science at Central Mindanao University (CMU)

Rojo, Mark Jun A.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Implementation of Solid Water and Waste Water Management of Beach Resorts in Anda, Bohol, Philippines

Micabalo, Kingie G. | Cano, Jesszon B. | Gucor, May Amor D. | OLASO, LILANIE M. | LIM, DARWIN A. | Ramasola, Arlinda N.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Beach Resorts’ Contribution to the Triple Bottom Line: Economic, Environmental, and Social

Micabalo, Kingie G. | Cano, Jesszon B. | Ramasola, Arlinda N. | SIATON, AMABELLA GRACE N. | PADILLO, ELISHEBA S. | GIMENA, JUDY ANN F.

Discipline: Environmental Science

Stakeholders’ Observed Impact of the Adopt-an-Estero Water Body Program in Segment 3 of Iloilo Batiano River, Philippines


Discipline: Environmental Science

Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of the Recently Discovered Species of Mosses (2014-2015) in Mindanao Island, Philippines and its Taxonomic Distribution, Physical Attributes, and Biogeography

Garcia, Enrico C. | Tamaray, Kristine E. | Daga, Ariel Luis | Verendia, Andrea Denisse

Discipline: Environmental Science

Assessment on the Phylogenetic Position of Rafflesia aurantia with the Endemic Rafflesia Species in the Philippines

Garcia, Enrico C. | Diez, Nathaniel Quinn V. | Caday, Carlos Caesar | Vidal, Ryan Joseph

Discipline: Environmental Science