vol. 2, no. 5 (2024)
Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives


The Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives (JIP) is a scholarly publication that embraces both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. It operates as a peer-reviewed, open-access journal available in both printed and online formats. Manuscripts meeting the general criteria of significance and scientific relevance are welcomed for submission to the Journal.

Publisher: The Wise Researcher

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Training and Development Practices and their Influence on Workers Job Performance

Ernesto Tumacole Jr

Discipline: Social Sciences

Silenced Narratives: Assessing the Human Rights Situations of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines

Lloyd Lyndel P Simporios

Discipline: Cultural Studies

The Psychology of Tsismis: A Phenomenological Study About Housewives’ Gossip Engagement

Nissi B Suing | Junelie R Gorospe | Lawrence M Labto | Junea Paula D Pinca | Rodrigo Tomas

Discipline: Psychology

Radio-based Instruction (RBI) Approach to Teaching: The Lived Experiences of Teacher-Broadcasters in the New Normal Education Setting

Nelson C Teves Jr

Discipline: Psychology

Predicting Academic Performance in Mathematics through Online Learning Constructs and Content Proficiencies

Keith A Madrilejos

Discipline: Psychology

Teaching Strategy and Mathematics Performance of Maritime Students in the New Normal

Allyn Mae D Rubio

Discipline: Psychology

English Teachers’ Readiness for Home-Based Learning: Its Relationship to Teachers’ Performance

Mary Cecille C Arciaga

Discipline: Psychology

Developing a Community-Based Disaster Relief Management System

Gerina Rose M Torno

Discipline: Engineering

The Persuasive Appeal of Provider-Patient Interaction in the Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccine at a Health Service Unit in Isabela

Maria Angelyne G Suayan

Discipline: health studies

Unveiling the Nexus: Most Essential Learning Competencies and Critical Thinking Skills of Students

Everon Joy P Catanus

Discipline: Education

Post-Mortem Analysis of the 2016 Election Based on the Political Marketing Strategies Used by Local Political Parties in Dumaguete City

Eduard Catapusan

Discipline: Politics

A Case Study on the Static Behavior of a Pedestrian Bridge Built with a Steel Pratt Truss Deck Bridge Supported by an Inclined Roller Support

Angelito N Angeles | Keith Zyren T Almodovar | Gericho G Gopez | Kezia Irielle N Lebre | Sharina Jolene B Nucup | Georvin P Samson

Discipline: Civil Engineering

Stress, Appraisal, Coping and Adaptation of Family Caregivers of Patients on Dialysis: A Transactional Theory Approach

Claire Tudayan-Espiritu

Discipline: health studies

Developing an Evaluation Scale for Assessing the Effective Implementation of Matatag Curriculum in Philippine Public Schools: Exploratory Sequential Design

Eldon S Aquino

Discipline: Education

An Application of the First-Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equation to Regression Modeling of Unemployment Rates

Denver Q Narvasa

Discipline: Mathematics

Correlates of Affectual, Associational, and Functional Solidarity among Digitally Literate Adults

Josefina C Ochoa | Sherwin M Parinas | Bernadette P Yalong

Discipline: Sociology

Support Mechanism of School Administrators and Work Engagement of Teachers during the New Normal

San Vielle P Marcelino

Discipline: Education

Issues, Challenges, and Coping Mechanisms of Out-of-Field Physical Education Teachers in Subject Delivery

Josua A Rivero

Discipline: Education

Nurturing Resilient Communities: Unveiling the Transformative Potential of Agroecological Preservation in Sustainable Farming

Rony C Conadera

Discipline: Agriculture

Information Technology Maturity Level of the Selected Barangays of the City Government of Santa Rosa, Laguna

Owen Harvey Balocon

Discipline: Developmental Studies

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