vol. 13, no. 1 (1994)


KAYÂ TAO is published annually by the Behavioral Sciences Department College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University Manila, Philippines.

Note: This journal has ceased publication. The last issue available on this site was published in 1997. 

Publisher: De La Salle University

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Category: Sociology & Social Sciences |

ISSN 0115-6292 (Print)

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The Filipino Youth: Their Views and values on Marriage and Family Life

Stella P. Go

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Sociology

Health-Seeking Behavioral Patterns among the Physically Disabled: Biomedical Vs. Traditional Approaches

Luis Carmela L. Buenaventura

Discipline: Health, Social Studies

Role of Nongovernment Organizations in Democratizing Development: A Look at the Philippine Case

Exaltacion E. Lamberte

Discipline: Development, Governance, Social Studies

Pharmaceutical Behavior in the Management of Acute Respiratory Infections: Key Issues from the Social Science Perspective

Ma. Elena Chiong-javier

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

At the Crossroads of Industrialization: A Peasant Village Reacts to Project Calabarzon

Julius O. Dasmariñas

Discipline: Social Science, Development, Social Studies

Social Factors Associated with Abortion-Related Morbidity in Manila

Alicia B. Manlagnit | Nicholas J. Ford

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

Organizational Culture of Chinese Business Organizations in the Philippines: A Case Study

Patricia Ana Garde | Alama Amador | Anne Dumagat

Discipline: Social Studies, Organizational Culture

Operations Research in Primary Health Care: Financing Village Drug Stores in a Philippine Community

Trinidad S. Osteria

Discipline: Social Science, Health

Working for the "Yen": Case Studies of Returning Filipino OCWs from Japan

Cristina A. Rodriguez

Discipline: Sociology, Social Studies

The Immunization Program in the Philippines: Issues for Social Research

Pilar Ramos-jimenez

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology, Social Studies

Recent Advances in Causal Modeling: The Case of Latent Variable Path Analysis and Some Recommendations for Training in Social Science Statistical Analysis

Ben Teehankee

Discipline: Social Science, Sociology