Article List (w/ Culture Discipline)

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Muslim Children of Divorce Families: Exploring Their Perceptions and Experiences

Orcullo, Daisy Jane C.

Discipline: Social Science, Family and Relationships, Culture

Culture-Based Beliefs and Practices on Pregnancy and Childbirth among Sorsoguenos, Philippines

Ocbian, Magdalena M.

Discipline: Health, Medicine, Culture

Cross-Cultural Considerations in Experiential Learning

Onglatco, Mary Lou

Discipline: Psychology, Culture

Corporate Culture

Chua, Joffre O.

Discipline: Social Science, Culture

Religion, Philosophy and Culture in the Philippine Context

Leoncini, Dante Luis P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Culture

Establishing a Global Village through SEPP at Zhejiang Gongshang University

Guo-an, Wang | Gongshang, Zhejiang

Discipline: Education, Literature, Culture

The Japanese Presence in Davao

Tiu, Macario D.

Discipline: Social Science, Geology, Political Science, Law, Culture

The Semiotics Of Maps as Visual Narrative

Borra, Cristina Z.

Discipline: History, Culture

Filipino Socio-Cultural Traits as Glimpsed in Dissertation Acknowledgments

Nivales, Maurie Liza M.

Discipline: Genetic Engineering, Culture

Management of Culture and Arts in Selected Higher Education Institutions in Caraga, Southern Philippines

Moreno, Shyla O.

Discipline: Culture, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Ang Filipino sa Lenggwaheng Nauugnay sa Dumi at Gawi: Kailan Hindi Nakakarumi ang Marumi?

Sayas, Magdalena C.

Discipline: Psychology, Culture

Spirituality and Solidarity among De La Salle Schools in Region IV: Basis for Enhancing a Culture of Faith

Dimaculangan, Irish A.

Discipline: Religion, Culture, Faith

Motivation and English Attainment: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong Students with Different Cultural Backgrounds

Wong, Ruth Ming Har

Discipline: English, Culture

Asian Personal Epistemologies and Beyond: Overview and Some Reflections

Punzalan, Eric R. | Chai, Ching Sing | Wong, Benjamin

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture

Bahala Na as an Expression of the Filipino's Courage, Hope, Optimism, Self-efficacy and Search for the Sacred

Teng-calleja, Mendiola | Menguito, Ma. Ligaya Manuel

Discipline: Culture, Morality

Using Banks’ Typology to Analyze the Cultural Autobiographies of Pre-Service Teachers in a Children’s Literature Class

Dedeoglu, Hakan | Lamme, Linda L.

Discipline: Education, Culture

Herzen's Russian Socialism and the Slavophiles' Chiristian Communal Socialism

Grevtsova, Elena S.

Discipline: Philosophy, History, Political Science, Culture

Contextualizing Charles Taylor’s Communitarian Ethics in Philippine Culture

Calano, Mark Joseph T.

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture, Ethics

Of Super-Evos and Non-Evos: Imagining Karmic Law in the 23rd Century

Garcia, Leni Dlr.

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture

Hospitality, Ethics, and Multiculturalism

Sweet, William

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture, Ethics

Philosophical Problem of Evil: Response To E. O. Oduwole

Fayemi, Ademola K.

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Culture


Alterado, Danilo S.

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture


Ani, Emmanuel Ifeanyi

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture

The Basis of Development and Peace

Bernat, Angel T.

Discipline: Social Science, Culture

Engaging the Language, Culture and Politics in the Philippine Homeland from the Imaginations of Selected Filipino-American Students at the University of Hawai’i

Contreras, Antonio P.

Discipline: Social Science, Culture

The Paradox of Immigration Politics: Revisiting the Dynamics of Philippine Nikkeijin Labor Migration

Vilog, Ron Bridget

Discipline: Culture

Comparing the Child-Rearing Goals of Women in Taiwan and in its Marriage-based Immigrants’ Countries of Origin

Lee, Shou-lu

Discipline: Culture

Exposing the Limits of Japanese Multiculturalism

San Jose, Benjamin A.

Discipline: Culture

International Students' Isolation in the Philippines: Causes, Effects and Coping Strategies

Wa-mbaleka, Safary | Joseph, Nadine A.

Discipline: Culture

Indigenous Honey Collection Knowledge of the Aeta in the Province of Quezon

Aldovino, Rolan B. | De Castro, Pedro Jose L. | Villenas, Benilda N.

Discipline: Culture

Sablot (Litsea glutinosa), Lour Rob., A Symbol of Ilocano Ingenuity in Construction

Esguerra, Norma

Discipline: Culture

Writing Poetry from the Fringes of Globalization

Sugbo, Victor N.

Discipline: Social Science, Culture, Art

A Cultural Dictionary of Meranao

Pasandalan, Sittie Noffaisah B.

Discipline: Literature, Languages, Culture, Art

A Postcolonial Analysis of the Literary and Cultural Consequences of the Abolition of the 18th Century Transatlantic Slave Trade on the Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria

Adejumo, Arinpe

Discipline: Literature, History, Culture

The Yoruba Culture Of Aso Ebi (Group Uniform) In Socio-Ethical Context

Familusi, O. O.

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture, Ethics

Ifá and the Consequences of Literacy: A Philosophical Analysis

Adegbindin, Omotade

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture

A Reading of Yoruba Traditional Proverbials as Socio-political Satire in Osundare’s Waiting Laughters

Taiwo, Emmanuel Folorunso

Discipline: Literature, Culture, Political Sociology

Music Translation: Giving Back to the People their Rich Musical Heritage

Tejero, Helen S.

Discipline: Culture, Music

Blaan Oral Narratives and Their Educational Implications

Sumaljag, Maria Vinice O.

Discipline: Education, Culture, Philippine Culture

Butuanon Cuisine: In Search of Local Identity

Lerida, Manolita R. | Garay, Apolonia V.

Discipline: Culture, Filipino Culture

Dialects, Beliefs and Practices of the Tinguians of Abra

Bajet Jr., Manuel A. | De Vera, Marciana p. | Abaya, Digna Jocelyn L.

Discipline: Social Science, Humanities, Culture

The Ati-Atihan Festival: Its Impact to the Economy and Tourism Industry in Kalibo, Aklan

Calopez, Christopher G. | Gaas, Charlotte | Lleva, Gilbert | Maneclang, Diana Rose | Fusin, Dennis

Discipline: Tourism, Culture, Economy

Kultura at Kaunlaran: Tungo Sa Ekonomiks Ng Lakas Ng Loob At Magandang Loob (Kapag Nabigo Na Ang Bilihan At Pamahalaan)

Tullao Jr., Tereso S.

Discipline: Economics, Culture, Human behavior

Kasaysayang Pasalita: Ang Kulturang Filipino at Karanasan ng mga Filipinong Mananaliksik sa Larangang Pasalita = Oral History: The Filipino Culture and the Experiences of Filipino Oral Historians Nancy Kimuell-Gabriel

Kimuell-gabriel, Nancy

Discipline: Culture, Philippine Culture, Oral History

Ang Wika ng Sillag Festival Bilang Daluyan ng Kultura at Identidad ng mga Ilokano/The Language of Sillag Festival as a Reflection of Culture and Identity of the Ilocano

Amtalao, John A. | Lartec, Jane K.

Discipline: Culture

Depictions of Culture in Filipino Independent Films

Sarmiento, Ramon Felipe A.

Discipline: Performing Arts, Culture, Social Culture

Upland Tingguian Budong Practices and Their Value Integration into the Christianized Tingguian Family and Family Network

Sembrano, Luis C.

Discipline: Culture

Mga Pananaw Hinggil Sa Mga Tugtuging Tradisyonal ng mga Taga-Kapatagan

Bascara, Linda R.

Discipline: Culture

Paternal Resilience in Time of Pandemic: A Phenomenological Inquiry on the Experiences of Fathers of Children with Autism

Madrigal, Dennis V. | Jardenil, Sarah Therese P.

Discipline: Culture, Society

An Inquiry into the Problems Concerning Filipino Values and Norms

Benitez, Jiolito L.

Discipline: Culture, Society

Correlating the Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being of Junior High School Students in Selected Catholic Schools in Central Philippines

Madrigal, Dennis V. | Tajonera, Chris Feli Joy P.

Discipline: Culture, Society

The Infusion of Folk Catholicism to Tambal Binisaya as an Indigenous Healing System in Iligan City

Oledan, Efren Jone J. | Crisol, Lourd Greggory D.

Discipline: Culture, Society

The Yapian Classification of the Vocabulary of the Austronesian Visayan-Cebuano Language

De Catalina, Emiliano C. | De Catalina, Joanna Z.

Discipline: Culture, Society

Understanding the Suicide Phenomenon from the Perspectives of the Loss Survivors

Pederi, Randy E.

Discipline: Culture, Society