vol. 29, no. 1 (2003)
Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences


The Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (PJVAS) is an open access journal dealing with both basic and applied researches as well as special topics in all species of animals, including companion, laboratory and farm animals and wildlife. It is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes full research works, short communications, case reports and review articles which advance the knowledge of animal and veterinary sciences and enhance the development of the livestock and poultry industry.

Publisher: University of the Philippines - Los Baños

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Policy Studies on Animal Genetic Improvement and Production in the Philippines: I. Review of Significant Legislative Actions Since 1900

Cecilio R. Arboleda | Roberto F. Ranola | Orville L. Bondoc | Angel L. Lambio | Francisco F. Peñalba | Nenita L. Castro | Marcia B. Lanuza | Abigail B. Flores

Discipline: Economics, Agriculture

Development of Nuclear Transfer Embryos Constructed With Bovine or Bubaline Fibroblasts and Vitrified Bovine Oocytes

Edwin C. Atabay | Eufrocina P. Atabay | Yukio Kanai | Yoshiyuki Takahashi | Seiji Katagiri | Masashi Nagano

Comparative Analysis of Carcass Yield and Quality, Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Chevon from Different Breeds of Goats (Capra Hircus)

Orville L. Bondoc | Iluminada V. Gomez | Beatriz R. Garcia | Elizabeth D. Beltran | Oliver D. Abanto | Maribel dR. Rapusas | Bryan C. Gomez | Ninfa P. Roxas

Discipline: Science, Breding Methods

The Effects of Maceration of Leucaena (Leucaena Leucocephala) on the Rumen Degradation of Its Protein in Cattle

Cesar C. Sevilla | Mafeo B. Bejo | Mylen S. Billena

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Comparative Evaluation of Oregano Extract and Zinc Bacitracin as Growth Enhancers for Broilers

Marlyn H. Labay | Carmencita D. Mateo | Jezie A. Acorda

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine

Stocking Density for the Research on Growing-Finishing Pigs

Francisco F. Peñalba | Anthony Jose M. Tamayo | Elmer P. Baure | Alarico L. Olitres

Discipline: Agriculture

Use of a Larval Development Assay to Estimate Anthelmintic Efficacy in Goats in Smallholder Farming Systems

Virginia M. Venturina | Patricio B. Ancheta | Salcedo L. Eduardo | Robert J. Dobson | Douglas Gray

Discipline: Agribusiness

Mechanical Properties of Eggshell In Relation To Its Handling and Transport

Dale Jude P. Moog | Engelbert K. Peralta

Discipline: Animal Science

Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile, Biophysical Factors and Support Services to the Level of Adoption of the Smallholder Dairy Cattle Farmers in the Philippines

Joel A. Perez | Alberto Y. Robles | Jose Arceo N. Bautista | Noe B. Velasco | Myrna S. Galang

Discipline: Agriculture, Agribusiness, Socioeconomics

Leaf Meals of Gliricidia Sepium and Samanea Saman as Protein Supplements for Goats

Teresita A. Atega | Calixta B. Alinea | Antonio A. Rayos | Alberto Y. Robles

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Agriculture

Effects of Concentrate Supplementation on Plasma Mineral Content and Growth Performance of Growing Upgraded Goats

Maki Hayashida | Edgar A. Orden | Emilio M. Cruz | Tsutomu Fujihara

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Animal Science

Investigation of the Foot-And-Mouth Disease Virus Carrier Potential of the Philippine Carabao

Cristina F. Legaspi | Edna A. Felipe | Blesilda C. Verin | Rubina O. Cresencio | Teresita Flores | Angel Tulabot

Discipline: Health