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Phenomenological Synthesis of Cultural Understanding Among Senior High School Research Classes

Marlon F. Adlit

Disturbance of Mangrove Forest Due To Climate Change: The Prospects of Sundarban

Shimul Gupta

Agri-Farm Tourism in Region IV-A: Basis for A Proposed Development Plan

Lady Michelle dP. Salarda

Learning of Science among Students at Risk of Dropping out (Sardo) Using Technology-Driven Intervention

Mylene Amor S. Pañares | Reggie S. Ybaneze

Feasibility of Offering Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd) Major in Computer Hardware Servicing in Sorsogon State University – Bulan Campus

Jopet Vincent B. Medalla | Mark Anthony D. Dipad | Corazon G. Bongalosa

Performance and Effectiveness of Catholic Schools in Tagum

Dennis B. Anduyan

Improving the Level of Economic Development and Social Welfare in Rural Areas for Young People

Fuad Jafarli

Widowhood Rituals among Some Ethnic Groups Africa

Alfred Dorgbetor

An Assessment of School Leaders’ Management of Finances and Resources: Basis for Development Program

Piyush Raja | M. M. Rahman

Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Changes in Weight, Consumption and Lifestyle in Indonesian Students

Laras Sitoayu | Putri Ronitawati | Sry Rizki Amelia | Rahmatia Risda | Sarah Mardiyah | Vitria Melani | Lintang Purwara Dewanti

Strengthening the Child’s Protection Program in the Philippines

Froilan D. Mobo

Integrating Project-based Activity in Improving the Science Academic Performance of Learners in the New Normal

Jeneatte M. Solis

Performance Assessment Task: A Point of Reference for Science Teachers - this Pandemic and Beyond

Ananias C. Sabijon Jr.

Coping Mechanisms of Hospitality Industry Workers in a Tourism Destination during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bezaleel Joy M. Danay | Zephaniah DC. Danay | Cherry C. Escarilla | Jimmy Bernabe Maming

Instructional Material Development for Vocabulary Enhancement of Grade 9 Students of Botolan National High School

Willyn A. Bellido | Felipa M. Rico

Strategies and Approaches in Teaching Values Education among Public Secondary School in the Division of Zambales

Domingo C. Edaño | Christine Joy Q. Meer

A Case Study on the Sri Lankan English Language Learner in the field of Creative Arts

B. A. Ajantha Niroshani

Course Crediting and Academic Evaluation System of The College of Communication and Information Technology

Geoffrey S. Sepillo

Effectiveness Of Celebrity Endorsement on Advertisement in Achieving Consumer Brand Preference

Adedeji Amos Ojo

Experience of Science Teachers in Practicing Rewards System to Increase Students’ Participation in Class

Josue Alburo Tolero | Delyn O. Tabile | Jal M. Achacoso