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A Dermatological Safety Test of a Face Serum Formulation Derived from Honey and Propolis of Stingless Bee from East Kalimantan

Januartha Kisari Dewi | Vera Madonna L. Toruan | Swandari Paramita Yadi | Enos Tangke Arung

Discipline: Hair and Beauty Sciences

The Effectiveness of Animation Media on The Language Skills of Class V Students

Yanti Arasi Sidabutar | Leonita Maria E. Manihuruk | Carles Adelberth

Discipline: computer games and animation

Supply Chain Resilience During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Understanding the Role of Collaboration, Visibility, Velocity, and Flexibility in Supply Chain Resilience Using Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Melvin V. Moraga | Brandon Patrick Go | Chabeli Eunice Go | Hannah Tan | Julia Ledesma

Discipline: others in business and management

Background, Recruitment, and Perceived Factors for Winning: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Perspectives of Local Women Politicians (LWPs) in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Richard Ian Mark T Necosia

Discipline: Politics

Computational thinking in mathematical problem solving: Pattern recognition

Marhan Taufik | Akhsanul Inam | Reni Dwi Susanti

Discipline: Operational Research

Unleashing the Presence of Eroticism in the Philippine Culture through a Multimodal Analysis of Viva Max Advertisements

Rodolfo P. Dizon, Jr. | Elimar A. Ravina

Discipline: Teacher Training

Effectiveness of Independent Science Project Plan (ISPP) In Enhancing Scientific Inquiry Skills of Grade 7 Filipino Students

Larjay Hipolito Deliguin

Discipline: Developmental Studies

Early Language Reading Interventions and Reading Skills of Elementary Grade One Pupils in Zambales, Philippines

Jennifer R. Mejala

Discipline: Education

Rainfall Variability and Its Influence on P Palm Oil Productivity (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq.): Case Study at PT. Nusaina Group Seram Island Province Maluku

Jacob R. Patty | Semuel Laimeheriwa | Elia L. Madubun | Sandivo Lingga

Discipline: agricultural sciences

Influence of Color Psychology on Consumer Behavior among Business Students

Marvin Ian E. Niere | John Reno B Bustamante | Maureen S Bacaltos | Ray Angelo B Arceo | Hadassah Bigno

Discipline: Applied Psychology

Transformational Leadership and Crisis Management Practices of Cebu Technological University-Tuburan

Acmad P. Maruhom | Joemar T. Minoza | Leo T. Zosa

Discipline: Human Resources Management

Electronic Math Problems Analyses and Mastery of Operations, Rules, and Expressions (E-Math Pa More) on the Performance of Grade 9 Students

Jenilyn E. Samaco | Aileen Cabanes | Joemar T. Minoza

Discipline: Mathematics

After 3D Printing, What's Next: Discovering Scientific Trends of 4D Printing

Randy Joy M. Ventayen

Discipline: Physical Science

“Ignorance of the law excuses no one:” Fundamental Laws Every Filipino Teachers in Educational Institutions Should Know

Leonardo F. Cada, Jr.

Discipline: Business Law

OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing: Similarity Index and Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Contents

Randy Joy M. Ventayen

Discipline: Artificial Intelligence

Implementation of Work Immersion in the New Normal: Basis for Students’ Quality Performance and Satisfaction

Democrito C. Cabile Jr

Discipline: Education

Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Instructional Learning Package in Teaching-Learning Geometry 7

Julian John Paul P. Sy | Rica Joy C. Ambay | Justine Mercado

Discipline: Education

School Head’s Professional Identity, Emotional Intelligence and Perfectionism: Three-Tier Factors to Advance Pedagogical Leadership

Marta G. Asilo | Eden C Callo

Discipline: Education

Hiring Practices of Human Resource Practitioners in Selected Mabuhay Accommodations in Top Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Cherry C. Escarilla | Orbel Canoy | Jimmy Bernabe Maming

Discipline: Human Resources Management

Strategies Applied in Resolving Organizational Conflict in the Academe: An Experienced-based Approach

Menrado V. Cajayon | Ernell B. Gutierrez | Luisito P. Masanga

Discipline: Human Resources Management

Level of Acceptability of Computer-Assisted Assessment (CAA) and Student’s Academic Performance in Key Stage 2 of Ilalim Elementary School for The School Year 2022-2023

Michael G. Albino | Jesse S. Agoja, Jr.

Discipline: Education

A Perspective-Changing Teaching Experience in Araimiri

Peter G. Narsico

Study on the Adherence to the Code of Ethics of Select Customs Broker Practitioner in the Philippines

Ma. Ceres P. Doyo | Ernell B. Gutierrez | Julian M. Dante | Arnel B. Agapay

Discipline: Education

Integration of Gamification in Teaching and Students’ Academic Performance: Basis for Action Plan

Drexile B. Pacturan | Bazil T. Sabacajan | Wenie L. Nahial

Discipline: Education

Social Media Integration and Financial Performance of Selected Micro Retail Businesses in Cebu City

Raul Lumbab Jr. | Julie Mae Zamora | Louise Nichole Jucom

Discipline: Marketing

Assessment on the User Interface of a Select Consumer Mobile Application and its Effect to Purchasing Behaviour of Generation Z

Arnel B. Agapay | Ernell B. Gutierrez | Menrado V. Cajayon | Charito S. Cristobal

Discipline: business studies

Integration of Literacy Strategies in Teaching Science among Grade IV Pupils of Zone II Zambales Division for The School Year 2019 – 2020

Mary Jane A. Sebastian

Discipline: Education

Preparedness of School Heads, Teachers and Parents of Public Elementary Schools on the Limited Face to Face Learning Modality in Zone 2, Division of Zambales

Joan A. Fastidio | Rod D. Escobar

Discipline: Education

Effectiveness of Contextualized Marungko Approach-Based Supplementary Reading Material

Jophel C. Repaso | Denmark S. Macalisang

Discipline: Education